Youth Ministry 

Today's Youth are Tomorrow's Leaders. Youth ministry is here to equip the Young people in the churh to come closer to God and teach them to have close relationship with God.


Leading Young Peoples to Christ.

Leading young people to follow Jesus is easier said than done.  But one thing we have learned in this pursuit is that community is vital. ACBC Youth Ministry is created for the purpose of helping young people understand and live a life that is bigger than themselves...A Life of Following Jesus! 


Saturday 7:30 - 10:00 / Atlanta Chin Baptist Church

With the hectic pace of life, no one really needs another calendared event or scheduled show.  Yet we all need an encounter with God that results in Him becoming greater in understanding, affection and worship.

Dynamic teaching from experienced, insightful leaders who long to help you see Christ for who He is. Transportation is provided if needed! Drop us an email at

ACBC Youth Depts is going to mission trip to Indiana with E&M director Saya James Amar.

Need more info about Youth ministry? Contact Pastor Khaw Lian Uk at


Youth Leaders

President: Van Ram Lawm

Vice President: Tlang Ding Liana

Secretary: Ni Chan

Assistant Secretary: Van Ceu 

Treasurer: Tha Sin Kim

Assistant Treasurer: Tate

Praise and worship: Ting Bawi 

Lal Hu Luai, Chris Lalci, Sui Nei Kim, Salai Jessie