Rev. Dr. Khaw Lian Uk

Rev. Khaw Liak Uk (Pastor Uk) is the eldest son of Rev. Hau Khaw Thawng and Hrang Hngel. Pastor Uk met his wife Niang San Vung during his Bible College years at Tedim Bible Seminary in Chin State, Burma and married in 1994. They have two daughters and one son.


1991 Diploma of Theology, 1994 Bachelor of Theology, 2004 Bachelor of Divinity, 2005 Mastor of Theology and 2005 Doctor of Theology.


He ministered at Lenhai Baptist Church on 1995 and on 1999 pastored Falam Baptist Church, Khampat. He went on to study at India and on 2003 he became a pastor at Delhi Burmese Christian Fellowship. on 2006 he was a lecturer at North India Theological Seminary, Sangam Vihar, New Dehli. And on 2008 he was a lecturer at Solar Gratia Seminary, Dwarka, New Delhi. During this time, Pastor Uk also translated literature from English to Chin, wrote articles for church groups, magazines and published hymn/chorus books. On 2009 he came to United States and ministered at Austin Burmese Christian Fellowship, Austin, Texas. On 2010 God called him to Atlanta Chin Baptist Church and he serve as a pastor from there onward.

Pastor Uk has a passion for missions and has participated in mission works in the Home Missions and Chin Baptist Association North America's Mission Board and currently he is serving as vice president of Chin Baptist Asspcoation of North America.  

without Jesus life is meaningless.

without Jesus there is no satisfaction

without Jesus there is no peace.

without Jesus there is no forgiveness.

Jesus is the answer of life.

let us share the good news of the Lord Jesus:

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature" old things are passed away; behole, all things are become new. II Corinthians 5:17

I give my thanks to God for giving me such a privilege to serve HIm in Atlanta Chin Baptist Church. Praise the Lord!.

Pastor Uk