Mission is the heart of Atlanta Chin Baptist Church and we are serving the Lord by obeying the commend of Christ "go and make disciple of all nations..." Matthew 28:19-20. We believe that God has brought us to exile in North America for His purpose that is to serve the unreached people groups in Refugee community by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and disciple multiply.

Our primary purpose for home mission is to serve our refugee community by helping them to have relationship with God, and to make disciple maker 1 Tim 2:2 in a smaller home group gathering for church planting. Along with evangelism and disciple making, we have Clothes, Furniture, Foods and Gospel materials distribution. Our teams has been helping application for many families to get medicate, foodstamp, jobs and many more benefit.

Home Mission Director

Saya James Amar

404 447 0260


Home Groups

You are invited anytime:

To involve in our weekly gatheiring

To our discipleship group and

Prayer meeting.

Home Mission ih kan tul mi pawl.

Thlacam nak kan tul zet. (Prayer)

Thilri bungrua hlu ding kan tul. (Material Distribution)

Sum saw ih bawm nak kan tul. (Financial support)

Mission fields ih feh ding volunteer kan tul.