ACBC C.E Dept in lungawi so par ten kan lo hmuak

Nauhak pawl cu ka hnen ah rak hruai uh. Nauhak pawl vek ih zumnak kan nei lo cun vanram nan co lo ding.

ACBC ih Sunday School Department ah in ra leng ih kan lungawi. ACBC in kan fale pawl hi Pathian thawn nai sin sin ding ah le a thuthangtha thei tu lawng si lo in a thlun tu le mi zirhsin tu si ding hi kan tumtah mi a si. Kan fale pawl hi nikhat khat ah ACBC hruaitu pawl an si leh ding ih tu ihsin thawk in Pahtian thu thawn fehpi in le kan mah caan a cem tikah kan ai awh tu ding pawl an si.

Ms. Joy is passionate about ministering to children through relationships, programs, and activities designed to reveal the love of Jesus and impact their lives for eternity. She loves seeing children & their families grow in their relationships with one another and with Christ.

Pastor Uk is a family guy and a great teacher. He loves to teach and equip the children with passion. He is an example of a good leader. He is a father of two daughters and one son. They showed great interest in music and the middle daughter Debra Huai Lun is also a sunday school teacher. 

ACBC C.E Department,

1. Pastor Khaw Lian Uk

2. Sayamah. Joy Debbie

3. Sayamah Lily Zahau

4. Sayamah Debra Lun

5. Saya. Mang Hu Thang

6. Saya. Mang San Thang

Na .fale kha an nauhak lai ah nun zirh aw

Equipping children to Know, Grow & Show God's Love

Our goal is that the children will experience Christ through our Children’s ministry and to share with them that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives. We are here to partner with you as parents in raising your child in a loving Christian environment.

We would love for your children to be a part of our Children’s Ministry!