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Welcome to Atlanta Chin Baptist Church website! I hope you use this new and improved resource to learn more about how we are bringing disciples to Christ and improving not only our local, but, universal communities. At Atlanta Chin Baptist Church, we pursue excellence in service, consecration in worship, fortitude in faith and valor in action. We are a body of believers who support the edification and charitable deeds of the needies.

The cornerstone of our ministry is deeply rooted in five values: Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Stewardship and Pastoral Care, with Worship being foremost. I invite you to view our worship services online every Sunday at 3:00 pm EST. Atlanta Chin Baptist Church is committed to creating a legacy for our members and the community. We are arming people all over the world with information to make choices that will genuinely impact their lives.

We have programs for the youth and home mission and are transforming lives through Christian Education, Sunday School and Bible Studies Groups. Now that you have a quick overview of Atlanta Chin Baptist Church, I want you to know that you can access our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will keep the content fresh, so it will continue to be a source of valuable information for you. I am committed to making your online experience a worthwhile one. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to seeing you again, soon.

God bless You.

ACBC Thuanthu

 "Jesuh Khrih cu Bawi a si" Filipi 2:11

thuthawn pehpar aw in Pathian tuurual umkhawm Atlanta Chin Baptist Church thuanthu thawi ngan theinak caantha in petu Pathian hmin ka thangthat.

ACBC ih tumtahmi. (Purpose)

  1. Pathian hmin thangthat sunlawih pumkhawm tlangnak nei ding.
  2. Member hmuah hmuah rumdamnak co ding.
  3. Thuthangtha karhzai ter ding.
  4. Bible hrambun in Pathian thu le hla thawn kilkhawi, cawmdawl awkding.
  5. Siar ni tthat ni ah bombawi awk ding.

Pathian in ACBC hi amai dinmi a si vekin caan khat hnun caankhat harnak lak ihsin lam in hruai vivo. USA ih kan Falam ttong hmang Khawhran lak ah a hmaisa bik dinmi a si ih Chin Baptist Association North America (CBANA) thawkkehnak hmunpi khal a si. 1998 ah Laicin Christian Fellowship tin din thok a si.

November 2001 ah Atlanta Chin Baptist Church (ACBC) ruangzing (working committee) din a si. Tawlrel tu pawl;

  1. Pu William Ngun Lyan
  2. Pu Jacob Lyan
  3. Pu Dr. Za Hlei Thang
  4. Pu Van Lian Kio
  5. Pu Tin Ko
  6. Rev. Sa Tin Lal
  7. Pu Run Hlei Sum
  8. Pu Lian Uk Lyan le Nu Van Kip Par pawl an si.

December 09, 2001 ah ACBC hmin in a hmaisabik biak khawmnak cu Pu William Ngun Lyan tei inn ah thok a si ih mipum 52 a kim.

Rawngbawltu Pator pawl.

  • 2000-2001 Rev. Lal Nei Thang (LCF)
  • 2002-2010 Rev. Biak Ceu (ACBC)
  • 2010-2016 Rev. Khaw Lian Uk (ACBC)

2001 ah sungtel mipum (66) in an thok ih tukum 2016 ah Pathin lam hruainak in mipum 234 kam kim. Nov 07, 2013 ah Pathian in kan phu lo malsawm Biakinn in pek. Rock  Bridge Baptist Church hnen ihsin $700,000 in kan lei.

Mission hnatuan hi tuhlan ahcun kawmram sungah kan tuan ih 2015 ihsin Metro Atlant sung ih um mi kan kawlrammi zum lotu pawl hnen khalah Pastor James Amar hmang in rawngbawlnak kan nei. Pathian in lam in hruai ih thlarau hlo tampi in pek. 2015-2016 sung ACBC hruaitu pawl cu a tanglam vekin kan si.

  • Rev. Khaw Lian Uk Church Pastor

Deacons Pawl

  1. Pu Val Mawi Chairman
  2. Pu Jacob Lian chairman
  3. Pu Ral Than Tlir - Secretary
  4. Pu Hniang Mang - Assistant Secretary
  5. Pu Phun Lian Sang - Treasurer
  6. Pu Lian Uk Lyan - Assistant Treasurer
  7. Pu Thang Sui Lian - Financial Secretary
  8. Pu Phun Aung - Tranportation Secretary
  9. Saya James Amar - E&M
  10.   Pu Mang Thio - Property Secretary
  11. . Pu Dilip - Building Committee
  12. . Pu Thawng Hu Lian - Music Director
  13. . Nu Than Kip Vel - Auditors

Nubu Hruaitu pawl

  1. Nu Mang Tin Sung - Chair
  2. Nu Joyce S.M.T Lian - Secretary
  3. Nu. Hlawn Tleu Mawi - Asst Secretary
  4. Nu Dawt Men Sung - Treasurer
  5. Nu Sui Nei Mawi - Assistant Treasurer
  6. Nu Tling Ve Thiam - Auditor
  7. Nu Lal Zar Mawi
  8. Nu No Lian
  9.  Nu Ngun Siang Par
  10. Nu Hram Nei Sung
  11. Nu Rin Eng

Mino Hruaitu pawl

  1. Van Ram Lawm - Chair
  2. Tlang Ding Lian - Vice Chair
  3. Ni Chan - Secretary
  4.  VanCeu Mang- Assist Secretary
  5.  Mai Tha Sin Kim- Treasurer
  6. Mai Ta Nei Siar - Assist treasurer
  7. Lal Hu Luai
  8. Jessie Vum
  9. Chris Lalci
  10. Tin Za Hniang
  11. Thian Lun Ting
  12. Zo Hming Thang

Sunday School

  1. Sayamah Joy Debbie - Coordinator
  2. Saya Hute
  3. Saya Thangte
  4. Sayamah Huai Lun
  5. Sayamah Lily

Tuni tiang miphun din hmun

  • Innsang 54
  • Nunau 130
  • Mipa 130
  • Member zaten 260

Church Executive Committee (EC) pawl.

  1. Rev. Khaw Lian Uk - Chairman
  2. Pu Val Mawi - Vice Chairman
  3. Ral Than Tlir - Secretary
  4. Pu Phun Lian Sang - Treasurer
  5. Pastor James Amar - E&M
  6. Pu Sui Khup
  7. Pu Mang Thio Lian
  8. Pu Dilip
  9. Pu Lal Cawi Pui
  10. Pu Hniang Mang
  11. Za Hleih Lyan
  12. Nu Dim Hoi
  13. Nu Joyce Lian
  14. Van Ram Lawm
  15.  Mai Ni Chan
  16.  Pu Thawng Hu Lian
  17. Mang San Thang
  18. Joy Debbie Lyan
  19. Ting Bawi


We follow the Bible as closely as possible. The Bible is the blueprint on how we should live our lives. We strongly believe that if we follow the Word that we will grow stronger as a community, and close to God. We rely heavily on what the Bible says so that we may not stray away from the path that God has set before us.


Focus on God, and continue the path he has set before you. As long as we keep our focus on God we can not stray. God has set forth a path for us to follow. He has a very specific set of plans that he wants us to follow, and it is our mission to follow His instructions as closely as possible. We understand that we all fall short of the glory of God. We pray and work everyday to do our very best.


Looking out for each other and engaging in fellowship goes a long way. As long as we love one another we will grow stronger as a community of believers. We feel that engaging in fellowship is a very important tool that God calls for us to do as often as possible. If we continue to reach the lost and broken, and extend grace, God will bless us for our efforts.

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Service Times

Worship Services

​Sunday school 3:00PM-4:30AM

Bible Study 7:30PM- 10:00PM

Sunday Service 3:30PM-6:00PM


Drop in and see us:

Sunday 3:30PM-6:00PM

Monday - Friday

10:00 am to 3:00 pm

5225 Jimmy Carter Blvd

Norcross, GA 30093


We offer multiple ministries so that you can find one that you feel most comfortable in. Please check out the groups below and feel free to come join us!

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