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Sunday School.

ACBC Sunday School Dept ih kan tumtahnak cu kan fale pawl hi Pahtian an thei ding ih an thei mi kha a tak in an hmang ding ih cumi lawng si lo in thinlung, taksa, le thlarau thawn thangso in hmailam ah mi zirh thei tu si vivo ding hi kan tumtahnak a si. Himi kan tumtahnak kan thleng theinak ding ah saya, sayamah pawl, pastor, le nu le pa pawl kan zaten in tuan vo kan nei a si.

We would love for your children to be a part of our Children’s Ministry!

Leitlun ih tleunak

“Nannih cu leilung pumpi hrangah tleunak nan si. Tlangpar ih tohmi khua cu thuh a theih lo. Zohman in mei-inn an van tikah khengkuum an khuh dah lo. Mei-inn vannak tung parah an vang. Cutiin inn sungih a ummi zate hrangah tleunak a si. Cubangtuk in nan tleunak cu mi hmaiah tleuter ding nan si. Cuticun thil ṭha nan tuahmi cu mi in an hmu ding ih vanih a ummi nan Pa kha an thangṭhat ding. Matthai 5:13-16

Youth Ministry

ACBC mino ih tumtahnak cu kan mino te te pawl Pathian hnen ah hruai sin sin ding ah le Kohhran hrang ih thahnem mi si ding in zir ding hi kan tuanvo a si.

Zarhte zan ah Bible study kan nei ih Pathian thu thawn pawl aw nak le study nak kan nei ring ring. in ra tel pi ve ding in kan lo sawm.

Leading young people to follow Jesus is easier said than done.  But one thing we have learned in this pursuit is that community is vital. ACBC Youth Ministry is created for the purpose of helping young people understand and live a life that is bigger than themselves...A Life of Following Jesus!

Zo kan si?

ACBC in lungawi so par ten kan lo  hmuak.

I hope you use this new and improved resource to learn more about how we are bringing disciples to Christ and improving not only our local, but, universal communities. At Atlanta Chin Baptist Church, we pursue excellence in service, consecration in worship, fortitude in faith and valor in action. We are a body of believers who support the edification and charitable deeds of the needies.

Thuthangtha Hmuitin:

Hmuntin thuthangtha phuansuah, zumtu pawl Khrih riantu siter le midang riantu siter.

ACBC ih tumtahmi:-

(1) Pathian hmin thangthat sunlawih pumkhawm tlangnak nei ding.
(2) Member hmuah hmuah rumdamnak co ding.
(3) Thuthangtha karhzai ter ding.
(4) Bible hrambun in Pathian thu le hla thawn kilkhawi, cawmdawl awkding.
(5) Siat ni tthat ni ah bombawih awk ding